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We believe that we need each other in life. Church Community Builder allows us to stay connected with you in order for you to feel the loving community around you.

What Is CCB?

Church Community Builder (CCB) is a web-based software system that helps us build a better connected and more committed church family. Whether you want to receive email updates from the church office, view your giving records, connect with a small group, or share praise reports and prayer requests, CCB is your go-to solution. Signing up is simple and free.

How do I use CCB

A great way to learn CCB is to login and spend some time browsing around and checking out all the features. You can also read this intro document.

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Who has access to CCB?

Anyone can request to receive a login to CCB. The basic level of access to CCB will allow you to update your contact information and view your giving history. The information you enter is automatically set as private so no one else can view your contact information. In fact, we ask that you click “Update Privacy” so that “Everybody” or “Friends & My Group Members” can see you. See the Church Community Builder Basic User Walkthrough for information on how to control your privacy settings.

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How secure is CCB?

Church Community Builder works hard at making sure that all of your data is secure CCB statements on security. CCB lets you control what information you make available to other users of the online community. While it is encouraged to make more of your information available to other members of The Apostolic Church for building our church community, you are able to opt out of the online directory completely or determine what information in your profile is visible to specific sets of people. Your giving records are always 100% private.

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Why should I use CCB?

In addition to having access to all of your church information, and giving records CCB gives you access to the church-wide calendar, allows you to share praise reports, prayer requests, and get plugged in to a growth group that is perfect for you. From time to time, we’ll be posting online surveys asking for input on future class offerings, church activities, and ministry opportunities. When you get these kinds of emails, please use the link to let us know what you think.

Got Questions? Need a tutorial?

Give us a call or email. We’d be happy to help you.

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